Talking Heads Chords - Finding The Holy Grail Posted on 2016-08-11

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Routing around in the depths of the archived web, I found a site of chords for the whole Talking Heads (and The Heads) discography plus some David Byrne and Tom Tom Club too. It has been offline for 16 years! I had actually come across some of these chords before in the dark corners of bootlegging forums and Reddit in PDFs, but never in its full, serene beauty. So I sent off an email to the address on one of the pages, not really expecting a response, asking whether it would be alright to host the work he had done once again on my site. To my surprise I got a reply a few hours later with a zip of the original site's public_html directory. Due to the overwhelming kindness of Hille the internet once again has this (probable) gift from God!

Talking Heads/The Heads/Tom Tom Club/David Byrne Chord Bonanza

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