Naked As Light (Contextless Music) Posted on 2017-02-10

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I gone and did some muzak. It's a bit weird and possibly quite pretensious, so if that's not your things it's probably a reasonable idea to click away now.

I've been recording music on my cassette 4-tracker for about a year now - a real mixture of stuff. This album however is entirely composed of electronic, ambient/soundscapey stuff. The music is not intended to be listened to but to accompany experiences. On its own, it has no context so it invites the listener in. The music defines the 'world' the experience takes place in but the listener (you) determines what will happen. This is why it is mastered so quietly; to encourage the background noise to become part of the experience. Try taking a walk very late at night or having a conversation while playing the album.

The whole thing is very lo-fi. Recorded on 1/8 inch tape, and recorded with Behringer budget effects pedals. Here's a list of all the equipment I used:

Fostex X-55.

Arturia MicroBrute.

Ditto Looper.

Behringer Vintage Delay, Behringer Reverb Machine.

Yamaha Pacifica 112VM.

I put it into the computer with Ardour where I also added some EQ and reduced tape hiss. Some tracks were digitally rearranged and messed with (Float By Whenever You Want To and Talk Show Religion), the rest are the direct stereo mix from the tape machine.

Have a listen on Bandcamp. It's free. :-)

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